Private Family Child Care

This is a list of independent providers who receive support from BCNC through membership. They operate private child care homes and set their own rates and policies. Please note that this is merely a list of providers and is not a recommendation from BCNC's Family Child Care Program. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , at 617-635-5129 x1034 for more information.

Yin, Shang Rong (Arlington) 781-316-2828
Mei, Qiu Yin (Braintree)

H:781-843-7807, C:646-339-3915

Ou, Zhimin    (Braintree)

H:617-997-4325, C:617-653-0369

Guan, Wei Xiu (Brighton)

H:617-783-0785, C:617-319-2411

Zhong, Jian Jun (Brighton)

H:617-337-5079, C:617-833-5308

Xia, Zhining (Lexington)

H:781-996-5288, C:781-996-5288   

Chen, Qi (Malden)


Huang, Li Ying


 H:781-651-4421, C:857-272-8558

Huang, Zong Yun


H:781-322-0968, C:617-259-6408

Han, Jie Hong (Newton) 617-964-1768
Kong, Shiu-Wah (Newton) 617-332-0131
Pan, Yan (Newton)

H:617-559-0713, C:617-642-6483       

Moy, Mei Kuen (Diane)   梅美娟 (Newton)

H:617-332-0520, C:617-412-0553

Chen, Cui Hong (Quincy)

H:617-376-7577, C:781-363-6267

Chow, Yee Uan (Quincy)

H:617-328-2087, C:617-309-0870

Feng, Yin Yan (Quincy) 617-849-4647
Huang, Shu Xin (Quincy)

H: 617-770-1023, C: 617-447-9227

Li, Xiao Zhen (Quincy) 857-204-0492
Lin, Yaci (Quincy)

H: 617-479-4273, C: 617-407-7602                   

Yang, Xiu Yun (Quincy)

H: 617-487-4827, C: 617-953-0373

Zhou, Jian Mei (Quincy)

H: 617-472-1536, C: 508-208-0489                             

Zhu, Jian Er (Quincy)

H:617-472-0455, C:617-792-4482

Wu, Ci Zhen (Quincy)

H:617-472-8866, C:617-901-8335

Wong, Daisy (Randolph)

H:781-963-6688, C:617-543-6333       

Wong-Cheung, Kwan (W. Newton)

H:617-965-0466, C:781-475-6374

Hu, Jenny (W. Roxbury) 617-327-9888
Meng, Xiao Jun (Waltham)


Chen, Wang Ju (Watertown)

H:617-923-7583, C:781-267-6580